– To collaborate with regional and provincial soccer organizations to promote the development of soccer in our region.
– To promote the practice of soccer by providing a safe and favorable environment and conditions for all our members to have a rewarding experience.
– To promote and develop soccer activities from U5 to U12.
– To ensure continuity in the development of soccer players in Gatineau (DLTJ).
– To allow players to evolve in settings that meet their expectations and according to their abilities in the competitive networks of Soccer Outaouais and Soccer Quebec.



The planned and structured teaching of our organization will allow each athlete to develop and to favour his decision making so that he can contribute in a significant way in the performance of individual and collective results, that is to say A TEAM. This will allow each member of the association to accomplish himself through our soccer club with the idea of creating ONE BIG TEAM: THE ASP TEAM.



Respect – The Association Soccer Plateau is committed to being respectful in all its actions, with all its partners and opponents. In a sports association like the ASP, where everyone is free to join or not, the notion of respect takes on even more meaning.

Pride – The Association Soccer Plateau wants to promote a sense of belonging, a sense of pride in the club. Personal and collective accomplishments within the club contribute to this pride and we want to make it a source of pride.

Rigor – Our members must be rigorous in everything they do, with attention to detail in all levels of activity. We are talking about great accuracy, nothing is left to chance, we strive for perfection. The challenge is great, but stimulating!